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Product: Clexane Injection

Being a Prominent Pharmaceutical distributor, we offer Anti Cancer Medicines such as Herclon Injection, Retuximab Injection, Velcade Injection, Revolade Injection, Abraxane Injection, Taxol Injection, Intaxel Injection, Bortezomib Injection, to name a few, medicines are available in several specifications with superior quality.

Clexane Injection

Drug Name:- Enoxaparin Sodium

Strength : 40mg & 60mg

Packing : Pre-filled Syringe

Uses :- Clexane Injection is a medicine that is used to treat blood clots, or stop clots from forming inside the body Clexane Injection is commonly used to prevent clotting after an operation such as a hip replacement, or in certain heart conditions

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