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Product: Human Normal Immunoglobulin

Critical care medicine range comprises Buminate Injection, Invanz Injection, Zienem Injection, Actilyse Injection, Immunorel Injection, Vivem Injection, Gammaren Injection.

Human Normal Immunoglobulin

Generic Name:- Immusor

Immusor is prepared on new patented technology platform from which has three US patents granted . Immusor is developed using technology that involves an integrated end to end chromatography process for plasma proteins . The traditional method used by other manufacturers is the cohn’s process of fractionation with etanol-which is an older technology with lesser yields and purity. Immusor is formulated from plasma which is NAT Tested and negative for HIV-1,HIV-2,HBV and HCV. In addition,two or more orthogonal steps are included in the manufacturing process for virus inactivation /removal . Immusor is fully compliant with Indian Pharmacopoeia.

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