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Product: Vinelbine Injection

Our range of Chemotherapy Drugs comprises Vorizol Tablets, Letronat Tablets, Temonat Capsules, Neukine Injection, Daxotel Injection, Kemokarb Injection to name a few.

Vinelbine Injection

Drug Name :- Vinorelbine

Strength : 10mg & 50mg

Packing : Vial

Uses :- Vinorelbine Injection is a chemotherapy drug used to treat advanced breast cancer, non small cell lung cancerand mesothelioma It belongs to the group of drugs called vinca alkaloids These are often called plant alkaloids because the first of these drugs was developed from the periwinkle plant (vinca) These drugs are sometimes called microtubule inhibitors This describes the way they work in damaging cancer cells Vinorelbine Injection stops the cancer cells from separating into two new cells So it blocks the growth of the cancer

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